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About Me (Carl)

Web Developer/programmer here with 20+ years of experience (Branell College and DeVry graduate), but don't have the time to do marketing and do the web development.

Currently looking for someone to primarily do internet marketing (entry level) for me or someone else to do websites at a low cost to my clients.

I am also looking for Web Developers (preferably entry level)

Web Developers including students and those with experience as well.

You will need a Paypal account to get paid and paid per project completed


Internet Marketers:

Work from home and make your own schedule.

You will get paid on a commission per sale basis on each website development you deliver ($50.00).

Use online classifieds such as Craigslist and others, and also blogs and social media.

I will provide marketing material (Banners, url link to signup new clients) and more.


Web Developers:

You will get paid $40 per site.

I used to do websites from scratch (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and more), but now I use templates which include general business and sites to sell products.

Templates can take time to learn but I have my templates documented in MS Excel to help you learn how to finish the site.

I will setup the site and only need you to finish the menu items and home page.

Do you have an image editor?  I use Photoshop sometimes but mostly use Microsoft Paint for resizing banners and other images.


We can converse via phone, email, text or facetime.

I will help you get the experience you need!

Make supplemental income and use me as a reference for your next job!

Your pay may increase over time.....let's see how this works out.

Only looking for a few people now and will go from there.

If interested, please click on the simple application form link below and I will contact you back.


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