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Featured Articles #2


1. Template
2. Domain name
3. Hosting
4. Prospect form
5. Agreement


The template is free and ready for modification to your liking.
Developer's example
Client example
You can purchase your own template on the web and I will be more than happy to host and modify it.

Domain name search

1. Do a free domain search to see if the domain name you desire is available at
2. Search only.....please do not order from the site.
3. I will order your domain name for you once you provide the domain name and cost listed plus $5.00 on the Prospect Lead Form.
4. Fill out the Prospect Lead Form when you have all of your information.


The hosting fee is $10.00 per month.
If you have Paypal, I will send you a link to activate monthly payments of $10.00.

Prospect Lead Form

Once you have selected your domain name and ready to get started, fill out the Prospect Lead Form and I will contact you for more details and payment info.

Agreement Form

I, JwebTech will create an agreement form based on the information on the Prospect Form so that everyone is on the same page. The professional way to do business!